About us


Interior deals with complex realization of boutiques and shops. We operate across the whole country and abroad, offering services in the field of designing, making installations, construction and finishing works.

By using modern materials and technologies, we deliver innovative solutions at every stage of implementation of an investment project, with simultaneous preservation of high quality and punctuality of conducted works.

At disposal of our Customers we offer a team of highly-qualified, well-integrated employees with experience. We work only as the General Contractor, which is the guarantee of professionally implemented investment projects - with care for even the smallest details. The effect - we hand over to our Customers a ready-built store, which attracts buyers with its interior. A store where shopping is a pure pleasure.

Our recommendation is the highest quality of services provided, the proof of which is trust of investors, such as - KappAhl POLAND Sp. z o.o., LEVI STRAUSS POLAND Sp. z o.o., Ultimate Fashion Sp. z o.o. - with which we have cooperated for many years.

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