Building designs


A professionally prepared project allows to avoid unpleasant surprises which may appear in the course of implementation of the investment. Thanks to that, Customers are not exposed to material or time losses.

Within our offer we propose the following designs:

  • arrangement
    when creating arrangement designs, we take into account first of all the special character of goods, the peculiarity of the environment and taste of potential buyers; we create arrangement designs, taking into account each detail of interior equipment, adjusted to needs and expectations of our Clients
  • building
    when making designs, we put special emphasis on creating a functionally friendly shop; the project includes both the commercial area and utility rooms
  • trade
    in trade designs we create a scheme of the course of particular installations, the aim of which is ensuring convenience and safety of employees and buyers; the scope of trade designs is:
    - electricity
    - ventilation-air conditioning
    - water-sewage

The scope of our services also includes design arrangements, adapted to the standards and regulations considering:

  • Health and Safety,
  • fire protection,
  • Sanitary and epidemiological station (SANEPID).
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